Monday, July 28, 2008

What the's only hair

So after much thought and some opinion polling....I did it. I cut all my hair off. The goal was to shave it down to nothing, but the small group of supporters that surrounded me on this journey said it was short enough.

"Why?" many people want to know. My response "Why not?". I could not think of a good enough reason not to do it, but the reasons to do it were numerous.

Probably the biggest reason to do it was fear. As I found myself thinking about shaving it, I found myself saying "I can't do that, what would people think? What if I look awful?" That reasoning didn't work for me. There is a saying "there is nothing to fear but fear itself" and I needed to face my fear and not let it drain me.

Many people look at this as a control thing for me; perhaps, but honestly knowing I was "afraid" to cut my hair just seemed so ludicrous. It's hair for God's sake, it will grow back! Is my esteem and my courage really tied to my hair? I think not, but just to be sure, I cut it. You know what...I'm still waking up everyday believing I can deal with what's on my plate (esteem) and well, I'm still waking up every day and actually dealing with what's on my plate (courage). I feel a bit stronger to knowing I did something that was "scary" to me. Not to mention, I've got 20 more minutes added to my life every day because I don't have to do my hair. I can save LOTS of money on shampoo, conditioner, dye, gel, hair spray, hair putty, clips and all the other hair stuff. There's lots more room in my bathroom drawer. I don't get hat hair. I can claim to look a little bit like least we have similar hair styles. Oh and did I mention some of the hair clippings were long enough to donate to Children With Hairloss so that hairpieces can be made for children who can't grow their hair back to do chemo or illness. So all in all it was a good move, I just wanted you all to be prepared the next time you see me!

Patty Foster had the honors of putting in the ponytails and supervising Maranda, Thomas and their friend Sarah as they cut the hair (this actually helped Maranda be more accepting of the whole idea...she was really struggling with understanding the why/why not logic of my doing this). Mary Mc was in charge of making sure pictures were taken and I didn't chicken out.


tom said...

I applaud you, once again Linda.

Ashley Howley said...

Love it!!!! Think of it as a stylish new you! Now you can put on extreme outfits as well or is that going too fast?

McCann Family said...

I love it, and am sure it is a boost to Lisa's moral to have her mom look like her!!


Anonymous said...

You rock!

:) Pam

Maureen said...

Looks good. I'm jealous of the low maintenance. Just got back from Arizona and wanted to let you know that my sister in law in Washington State is praying for Lisa.

Matt said...

Welcome to the group babe! Just remember your sun screen.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you rock!


Anonymous said...

Way to go, Linda! After seeing you at work today I just have to say it looks great and suits you very nicely. You're absolutely right -- it's just hair. The statement you're making is worth every strand. Life is so much more than how we look.


BookMama said...

I agree with David - I came here just to post how great it looks in person!

- Andrea S-R