Friday, July 18, 2008

Thursday 7/18

These days there are so many people trying to help us in some way or another it’s a very odd feeling I must say. Weather it’s dropping off a meal, taking a kid or two or three or four off our hands for a few hours or a night, or picking something up or dropping something off, sending a card, or saying a prayer, it’s overwhelming at times and words alone could never express the depth of our gratitude. You people are awesome. If you’re reading this you are awesome.

So what is it I’m trying to say? I guess it’s that I’ve struggled many times these past few weeks with the ability to gracefully accept help from everyone. I think I’ve come to awareness that people desire and need to help one another to be truly happy whether they realize it themselves or not. At least reflecting at my own past I realize that those times when I thought I was giving, or helping, or sacrificing something for someone else that those were the times when I was happiest. “To give is to receive” as the saying goes. While this most recent drama has been a “setback”, we’ve experienced an incredible streak of good fortune to date and if it’s true that you make your own luck then I really should write down that recipe. So with that said, and even under the current circumstances, I still feel so blessed. I simply cannot accept that there won’t be some blessing that is the result of all this.

Thank you for lending us courage, support, faith, love, and hope. Lisa is taking this all remarkably well so whatever it is that you are doing, please keep the positive energy flowing. Next week she has a battery of tests to determine the effects of the treatment thus far and we’re optimistic that she is responding as well internally as she appears to be externally. Thank you all again, you are awesome...Mike

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