Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tuesday 7/22

Today I took Lisa for a couple appointments. The first was an echocardiogram that took about 15 minutes while she watched a video. As far as I could tell it was basically the same as an ulrasound, non-invasive, no pain, got a sticker, life is good.

The second appointment was a electrocardiogram. Place a bunch of stickers all over her chest and arms, connect the leads to the computer thingy, count to 10 while watching the screen, and all done. Get a couple stickers and again, life is good.

Third appointment, MIBG injection. Ut oh, that doesn't sound like fun. They want to inject the dye, a radio active dye, through it's own IV and not throught the port in her chest. Here we go... after 15 minutes of Lisa screaming at the nurses and 3 pokes later the staff gives in and injects her through the port in her chest anyway. Poor thing. Between her pudgy little arms and her evasive little veins, she a tough one to hit a vien on. She historically has been a hard one to stick and if the staff at Mott's can't get a vein, thats got to indicate how difficult hers can be.
So she got a girraffe beanie baby for her trouble. Afterward she skipped out happy as can be. Life is good again. Tomorrow (Wednesday) Linda takes her for the MIBG scan and MRI which she'll need to be anesthetized for. She's never happy coming out of that. Linda will be there from 8:30 - 4:00 if anybody wants to visit!

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