Monday, July 28, 2008

The weekend

Lisa returned home Sat afternoon. She seems to be doing fine a little tired and grouchy today, but so was I. She had to go in for blood test today so they could have her counts for tomorrow. Most likely they will be doing the bone scan, bone marrow biopsy and stint removal tomorrow which means makes me very uneasy when they put her under especially given all the other stuff her little body is put through. I know they know what they are doing, it's just stressful. She is supposed to be having her bone marrow collected this week. Let's hope we can get her blood counts high enough to start that, otherwise it will bump out her chemo schedule which given the aggressiveness of her cancer is not what we want. So far the tests have shown no change...that's good in the sense that they've halted the growth of the cancerous cells, but after 2 chemos (which apparently is relatively early) there has not been much shrinkage either.

More updates to come.

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