Friday, June 7, 2013

We've another birthday coming up quickly. Christina is turning 14, on June 20. Chrissy celebrated her 8th grade awards night on Thursday night – see photo with mom. The following appeal is a bit of a step outside of the norm for me so I apologize if it seems inappropriate to ask, but in consideration of Lisa’s passing and Tom’s Birthday last month, I’d ask you to go to Christina’s Facebook page and wish her a happy birthday. Or if you are so inclined send her a card. Christina is (or was) that “middle child” that often gets overlooked in the daily chaos. Maranda’s the oldest, Tom is the only boy, and Lisa was the baby. Christina was the middle of the three girls. She’s quiet, introspective, very intelligent, naturally athletic, and astonishingly pretty. She loves to read science fiction, likes to spend time with a single friend rather than hang in a large group, and she’s always agreeable to just go along and not rock the boat. I’m blessed to have her in my life and forever thankful. Love you Chrissy.