Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy 10th Birthday to Chrissy

We've had a wonderful week and the kids have thoroughly enjoyed being out of school and staying at the lake. Lots of fish, turtles, and snails have been caught. Thank you to the Jones' family who spent the week with us and helped us get things looking spiffy for summer rentals.

Lisa is doing well. Her appt with onc docs last week showed no changes in bloodwork or scans which is a good thing. She is showing some hearing loss in her right ear, but we think that is from fluid in her ear which has been a problem for her since before she was a year old. Looks like it will be back to the ear specialist to get tubes put in again.

Chrissy had a day of just hanging out and listening to her new country cd (ugh!) while the adults shoveled sand. She got the gifts she asked for including an mp3 player loaded with country music (double ugh!) and the ability to totally tune me out! We ended the day with cake, candles and presents and very tired, but very content, people.

Life is good.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Subject: No restrictions

Below is the email I received from Lisa's BMT doctor on Friday:

Sent: Friday, June 5, 2009 8:55:36 AM
Subject: Re: No restrictions? Lisa McMaster

Dear Linda: After an autologous transplant, immunity is typically back to normal somewhat before day 100. I do not recommend any restrictions. Enjoy the summer. Dr. Levine

It sounds as if we can unleash Lisa on the world...unless you take into account what the the oncology team email response, which was "ah...the difference in doctors is amazing isn't it!! Rajen said no way and John says fine. I love it"

So...we've basically decided to do what any prudent parent does and that's to do what we think best. We have taken Lisa into the "public" world but are still exercising caution and limiting her to areas that are outdoors. If we are indoors, we try to stay away from crowds and if anyone appears sick we get the heck away from them. Since Thursday, Lisa has been to the school circus, spent an hour at preschool, went to church, cheered Chrissy on at her soccer game (saw Christina get her first goal!! yeah!!) and gone shopping. Shopping entailed, "just a few more minutes" and "let's look over here". It's as if she's making up for lost time and she is definitely loving every minute of it.

Summer looks very promising and I'm doing my best to make sure we all have some fun and get to go a few places.

On another mom's treatment is going well and I ask that those of you reading send up a prayer for my Dad who is having minor surgery (is it ever really minor) today. Also, a quick prayer for a niece of my who spent a few days in the hospital last week due to an allergic reaction but is recovering nicely.

Have a great day!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Reader's Digest Moment

I was working at my computer and trying to maintain my composure as Lisa kept interrupting my train of thought and asking questions. I'd asked her a few times to "give me a minute" or "let Mommy finish" but she just kept conversing and asking questions. Finally in desperation, I looked up and said very loudly:

"Jesus, please let Lisa be quiet so I can finish my work"

To which Lisa promptly followed in a loud voice with eyes looking upward:

"Jesus, please let Mommy finish her work so we can play"

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Last Tuesday Lisa had a CT scan and you'll be happy to hear that there were no changes at all from her last scan. Yea! She's still doing great as far as I can tell and her hair continues to grow. While we're just about through with the 100 days of "isolation" after the bone marrow transplant, we've been told that it would be best to stay away from crowed places for another 80 days.

Today were at the lake and she has an electrocardiogram and EKG appointment at UofM at noon. She also will get a booster shot containing the last of the vaccine that was made for her.

Keep the prayers and positive energy coming. Thanks for checking in. - Mike