Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Last Tuesday Lisa had a CT scan and you'll be happy to hear that there were no changes at all from her last scan. Yea! She's still doing great as far as I can tell and her hair continues to grow. While we're just about through with the 100 days of "isolation" after the bone marrow transplant, we've been told that it would be best to stay away from crowed places for another 80 days.

Today were at the lake and she has an electrocardiogram and EKG appointment at UofM at noon. She also will get a booster shot containing the last of the vaccine that was made for her.

Keep the prayers and positive energy coming. Thanks for checking in. - Mike


Diane Ebeling said...

We are beyond happy to hear the news of Lisa's CT results!! WooHoo! Go Lisa!!

Diane and JuliAnna

Anonymous said...

I am so happy to hear that Lisa is doing a lot better. she is just as active now as she was before if not more now.

the zookeeper

Anonymous said...

Good to hear the positive results. So glad you are out enjoying the lake. Sending good thoughts.


Anonymous said...

So very very happy she is doing well I know the prayers are working God is so good I pray he continues to heal Lisa.

Love, Kristen McIntyre