Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mike here, Lisa continues to do great. She's gained a couple pounds (41.5) and has an endless appetite these days. This is a picture of her helping me start up the sprinklers the other day. We all had a great Memorial Day weekend at the lake. Maranda even got up on water skis for the first time. Woohoo! Lisa had a routine CT scan yesterday but other than that things have been event-less and just about back to "normal" or as close as we can get these days. You can't tell from this picture but Lisa's hair is growing back. Thanks for checking in.


Anonymous said...

Mike, that is great to hear. Wow! Water skis, that is great! I hope you continue to have a wonderful summer! Look forward to seeing more hair!


Amanda.b said...

YAY! More hair! This is such a pretty picture. Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Great photo! So glad to hear that Lisa continues to do great. I'm so glad you had a great Memorial Day weekend as well. And Maranda is water skiing, wow! Driving the car is next, yes?

Sending much positive energy and sunny summer days to enjoy.

Pam Dear