Monday, May 4, 2009

5:00 Shadow

We see hair!!! It's faint...but it's there. Lisa's eyelashes started showing up last week. This week she has tiny, tiny hairs on her head and parts of her eyebrows have reappeared. I keep wanting to scrub the smudges off the back of her head and have to remind myself it's hair. Yeah!

We're all doing well and staying healthy. This swine flu thing is a bit disconcerting, especially now that the kids' school closed. It just reiterates how precarious things can be....Lisa still has a suppressed immune system and any flu would be devastating to her system at this point. So, we are making sure everyone washes their hands thoroughly and keeps their hands away from their face. Other than that, we are enjoying the warm weather and making sure that Lisa is slathered in sun screen because her skin is more sensitive after her bone marrow transplant.

We continue to pray and think positive and make the most out of life.


kylie said...

You are the cutest little girl EVER!!!!!!!!!Good luck with everything!!

Jordan said...

You're aways in my prayers!!!!!!!

Amanda.B said...

YAY! Hair is growing back, Lisa you are so brave and cute! I love you!

Raksha said...

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Anonymous said...

Hair, Hair, everywhere hair!

Sending you all much positive energy and thoughts on your healing path.