Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Latest Lab Results Are In

The urine tests for Lisa are back and actually better than they were before. The HVA is 12 and was 13 and the VMA is <9 which is as low as the test will read. All the blood looks fine too. Liver enzymes are still slightly high, but not terrible. Keep taking the actigall for now.
AST (AST) 43 5-60 IU/L
ALT (ALT) 41 H 7-35 IU/

Good news! Thank you everyone for keeping Lisa in your prayers. Lisa is loving school and kindergarten crew! She had a dentist appointment yesterday with cousin Dr. Therese. She had a shot and filling and didn't wiggle hardly at all. It really put the pressure on her big sister Maranda to stay strong in the seat next to her while she had her own fillings filled. Way to go Lisa!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First Day of Kindergarten

Lisa ran off to the bus stop just moments ago with her big sister Christina, while Maranda and Thomas caught their ride 30 minutes earlier. Lisa was very excited and repeated the line from the movie Finding Nemo, "First day of school, first day of school, come on Dad get up, first day of school!"