Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Latest Lab Results Are In

The urine tests for Lisa are back and actually better than they were before. The HVA is 12 and was 13 and the VMA is <9 which is as low as the test will read. All the blood looks fine too. Liver enzymes are still slightly high, but not terrible. Keep taking the actigall for now.
AST (AST) 43 5-60 IU/L
ALT (ALT) 41 H 7-35 IU/

Good news! Thank you everyone for keeping Lisa in your prayers. Lisa is loving school and kindergarten crew! She had a dentist appointment yesterday with cousin Dr. Therese. She had a shot and filling and didn't wiggle hardly at all. It really put the pressure on her big sister Maranda to stay strong in the seat next to her while she had her own fillings filled. Way to go Lisa!


tom said...

Yeah GOD! Lisa looks great. Now please do NOT ever have her sit by me while I am in the dentist chair as I don't fare as well....

Anonymous said...

I am glad that things are going well for everyone.

The Zookeeper

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh she looks so cute!!!! Her hair is growing so fast. Tyler is in crew on M,W,F. Let me know if there are any days that would work for you guys to get together during the week. Tell Maranda happy birthday.

Take care
THe Kreagers

p.s.I am going to see the dentist tomorrow a.m. and will be brave if I find out I have a cavity.

Anonymous said...

lisa, you amaze me! stay strong!

Anonymous said...

Awesome news!! We will keep praying. Love the hair!!
The Enright's

Anonymous said...

awesome her hair is growing so fast


Anonymous said...

Wow Lisa looks so great it is amazing how the body can heal. I have been keeping up with your summer updates it is such a blessing to see how great she is doing. I know most would probally want you all to update more but the less I see means the better Lisa is doing and that you guys are busy with your lives(so happy for you all). I feel blessed to have followed Lisa's blog I hope there is only more good news to always come. God Bless. I am always praying:).

Kristen McIntyre

Anonymous said...

Hot Diggity Dog!!! I'm dancin a jig in celebration of the good news!