Wednesday, September 10, 2014

When asked why you wear a gold ribbon, you can answer:

The gold ribbon represents something precious and pure.
It is the symbol for childhood cancer and the need for a cure.
Cancer is vicious, it doesn’t play fair.
It robs children of life despite their young years.
Funding is needed, as well as, research and new drugs.
For cancer is a condition not fixed by big hugs.
Every year more instances of childhood cancer are diagnosed.
More than any other disease, cancer kills kids the most.

Wear the gold ribbon and wear it with pride.
Wear it for children fighting cancer and for those who have died.

Sadly, not all cancer charities support childhood cancer research and less than 4% of federal cancer research funding is dedicated to it.
Should you choose to make a donation to support childhood cancer research please consider donating to the University of Michigan/Mott's Hospital where Lisa received her care. It took a few years, but I am happy to say that the hospital now has a campaign called Block Out Cancer where all donations are dedicated to pediatric cancer research

Click here to donate online to Block Out Cancer
To donate in Lisa’s honor, you can make out a check to:
University of Michigan and write Lisa McMaster-BLAST in the memo field
Mail check to:
Office of Medical Development
Attn: Mike Hartwell
1000 Oakbrook
Suite 100
Ann Arbor, MI 48104