Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday, 5/1

Quickie update: Antibody Therapy... out. Their isn't enough antibodies to go around it seems. That leaves just the Accutane Therapy and that's a little ways out. As of this moment we don't have any appointments, not even blood tests, for a couple weeks. Wow. What will we do?

Yesterday I took Lisa to UofM to collect stem cells. Collecting those from Lisa involves surgery to place a large temporary line in her leg, then on to the Apheresis Clinic where she's hooked up to the machine for about 3 hours. Her blood is drawn out of the line and the stem cells are automagicly separated and collected by the machine. After the collection, it's off to another clinic (all of this is within UofM) to remove the temporary line. 45 minutes later we were allowed to leave. All in all it was a 9 hour ordeal. Long day for sure but we were happy to be home at the end of the day.

So... we're about 70+ days post bone marrow transplant. We've another 30ish to go before Lisa can be around large crowds and whatnot. Except for that line infection a couple weeks back we've managed to keep her healthy. 30 more days and we're going to have to celebrate somehow.


Stephanie said...

Such a cute picture! I get on here every day to see how my favorite princess is doing =) I hope all of the McMasters are doing well!
Love, Stephanie (7 mott nurse)

Anonymous said...

Whew, now that's a day plus of activities.

I vote that automagic is a new word for the dictionary.

Sending much postive energy to all of you.


Amanda.b said...

Lisa is so cute!