Saturday, May 16, 2009


Mike, Lisa and Thomas were at Golden Pond with Grandma. Maranda, Chrissy and I were trying to figure out how we wanted to spend our girl time together tonight when the phone rang. It was the Pollard family inviting us to the ACS Relay for Life walk. It had totally slipped my mind and it was the perfect way to spend the evening.

We went up to the park and bought luminary bags for Lisa and my mom. We met up with the Pollards and enjoyed walking thru the park and listening to the music. The Luminary Lighting ceremony is my favorite part and while I enjoy staying for the whole thing, the girls were ready to leave and getting restless and cold.

We were standing in front of Lisa's luminary and I was offering up my last prayer as the ceremony continued over the loud speakers. Just as I opened my mouth to tell the girls we could go, they announced the next performers. The pianist was Thomas' counselor from two years of summer camp. We had just recently been trying to figure out a way to track him down. I looked at the girls told them who it was and that we needed to go say hello.

It was wonderful to catch up and felt a little bit like a divine nudge from's been well over a year since we talked, yet there we all were at the same place, same time and with everything going on I was able to catch his name being announced over the loudspeakers. Life is mysterious, but life is good!


Amanda.b said...

I hope you guys had fun. I enjoyed it a lot!

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Sounds like you had a very fun ladies weekend. I am sure the garage sale topped it off! Ha!


Anonymous said...

I love the HOPE sign!
It says it all in one word.

Lisa G.