Monday, June 8, 2009

Subject: No restrictions

Below is the email I received from Lisa's BMT doctor on Friday:

Sent: Friday, June 5, 2009 8:55:36 AM
Subject: Re: No restrictions? Lisa McMaster

Dear Linda: After an autologous transplant, immunity is typically back to normal somewhat before day 100. I do not recommend any restrictions. Enjoy the summer. Dr. Levine

It sounds as if we can unleash Lisa on the world...unless you take into account what the the oncology team email response, which was "ah...the difference in doctors is amazing isn't it!! Rajen said no way and John says fine. I love it"

So...we've basically decided to do what any prudent parent does and that's to do what we think best. We have taken Lisa into the "public" world but are still exercising caution and limiting her to areas that are outdoors. If we are indoors, we try to stay away from crowds and if anyone appears sick we get the heck away from them. Since Thursday, Lisa has been to the school circus, spent an hour at preschool, went to church, cheered Chrissy on at her soccer game (saw Christina get her first goal!! yeah!!) and gone shopping. Shopping entailed, "just a few more minutes" and "let's look over here". It's as if she's making up for lost time and she is definitely loving every minute of it.

Summer looks very promising and I'm doing my best to make sure we all have some fun and get to go a few places.

On another mom's treatment is going well and I ask that those of you reading send up a prayer for my Dad who is having minor surgery (is it ever really minor) today. Also, a quick prayer for a niece of my who spent a few days in the hospital last week due to an allergic reaction but is recovering nicely.

Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Sounds great! It also sounds like you must be listening to some country music now in the car :).


Anonymous said...

Party, Party, PARRRRRRRTY!

Lisa G.

Anonymous said...

Sounds great! Hope to see you out and about!

The Chemotti's

Anonymous said...

Love the beautiful pictures of Lisa. Glad she can go out and enjoy the world.
Love you!