Friday, July 18, 2008

Lisa is doing great

Sorry for all the missed posts. We've been doing chemo all week and Lisa is running around like a crazy woman. You would think I'm the one getting the drugs...I walk around half-asleep and bleary eyed and Lisa just keeps going and going. It's a great thing and we're estatic that she's handling the treatments so well. Her appetite has been good except for chemo week when she seems to eat less and is much more picky. But so far, she's not lost any weight and except for the blasted UTI that keeps coming back she's been pretty healthy.

We had some vistors this week at chemo and that helped greatly to reduce the stress. I was still tired though...funny, it's just as tiring watching my friends chase Lisa as it is to chase her myself!! So hi and thanks to the Pollard, Grendysa, Enright families and Patricia for visiting and making our days go a bit faster!

Today is last day of chemo for this treatment. The next 2 weeks are full of tests...EKG, Echo, MIBG, MRI, Bone Scan... All of the testing is planned for outpatient unless she gets an infection and gets admitted. I feel pretty optimistic that won't happen based on her first chemo. However, all of that recovery time was spent at the lake breathing fresh air...much of this recovery will be spent going in and out of the hospital where there are germs. So keep your fingers crossed and your hands praying.

Ok..that's it for now...I have to go chase Lisa!

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