Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Lisa temp up, had to stay at Motts Wed Night

Well, after a day of tests and being at the hospital most of the day, Lisa went back with Mike tonight. As I was putting her to bed around 9:45, I noticed her head was hot. I took her temp 100.5. Not bad by most kids standards and usually just treated with Tylenol or Motrin. I checked our paperwork which did instruct that we call at 100.5, so I did figuring they would tell us to dose her and keep an eye on her. About 10 minutes later, when I was in the shower, the doc called back and talked to Mike. "We have to take her in to the hospital" Mike said as he entered the bathroom. "Very funny" I chuckled...we all know those McMasters..what a hoot! "Did they say to give her Motrin?". "Nooooo" Mike repeated "We have to take her in; you want to take her, you're the one who called." Hunh! He wasn't joking. I hurried through my shower as he got Lisa ready. Feeling a bit guilty, I asked him if I should have waited on calling to see if her temp went down once she fell asleep. He looked at me and said "No, I just checked it, she's now at 101." So, off they went. She seemed okay...a bit pale and not too fond of getting out of bed to go back to Motts...who can blame her? It's 11:45pm now and they've been admitted...standard procedure. They will run blood work and keep an eye out for infection. Hopefully they'll be home tomorrow so they can go flying and see Grandma for the day!

One other thing...although our doctor has not discussed the results from today's MIBG, they cancelled the scan for tomorrow...this does not seem promising. Last time Lisa did this test, they did not have her complete the second day of testing because day one showed the cancer in so many areas they didn't need to test her again. Let's hope that there has been some improvement and they just were able to get all the data they needed from the first scan.

Have a good night all.

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Anonymous said...

Hi McMaster Family,
Hope Lisa is feeling better today and that the test results will come back promising. Wished I could have reached through the computer to give you all a hug when I read "A very, very, long, long post. "
You are all in our prayers.
The Kreagers