Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Good Morning

Hey....we got the suite! There's a big room and the end of the hall that we always walk by and you get that room? Well, apparently it's just luck of the draw. It's huge...2 patients in it like all the other rooms, but there's room for 2 more beds and you can actually walk around without bumping into things. Of course the irony of the situation is that neither Lisa or the other little girl in the room can get up and move around (Lisa because of the catheter in her leg) so really, what's the point of all this space? I've tried to place a "reservation" for next week when we're here for chemo for 3 days and, of course, all the nurses just smile and nod and look at me like I'm looped. (Which I'm not, but could be if I go to the refrig and get my special little drink that Mark and Malinda brought me last night....yummmm...)

Lisa woke up bright and early and has already finished watching Beauty and the Beast. We're waiting on pancakes and sausage and than at 8:00 we're off to the stem cell collection (apheresis). Her blood counts are good and they are hopeful that with the new catheter the collection will go quickly and we'll be out of here this afternoon.


Laura Kelm said...

I am in such disbelief everytime I read one of your posts. I cannot beleive this is the same little girl that Alexis used to run around with at daycare. I think about you guys everyday. Tell Lisa that Lexi says hi.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like there is room for some bed races then,,, are the beds on wheels? Just a though ;).

Pam Dear

Ashley Howley said...

Oh yes! Bed races sound fun! so does bed valleyball, or just catch? Perhaps with a sock? It could keep both kids happy just tossing back and forth. Now you have room to put on one-man shoes for Lisa as well! Lol. Just a thought.

Ashley Howley said...

I most definately intended to say "one-man show"