Thursday, July 31, 2008 whole day without going to Motts

Well...Lisa was released yesterday!! Between the nupigen shots and the catheter they collected the jackpot of stem cells. They needed 500 and they got close to 2000...enough for almost 4 transfusions the tech said. There was talk about a possible second collection after the next round of chemo, but they got so much from this collection, it sounds like we won't need to do the next collection. Wohoo...I'll be sure to ask the doctor to verify.

We thought we were going to have 4 straight days of home time before going back to Motts for 5 days inpatient chemo. Unfortunately, some time today Lisa pulled her broviach loose....gross! I got home around 7:30 tonight from work and Mike gave me the news that once again I pulled short straw and get to take her in tomorrow to see what needs to be done. Thankfully Mike's Mom, Mary Jo, is still in town and has volunteered to come to the hospital if this is going to be an all day affair so I can take the other kids on an outing...we are in some serious need of some fun!

So, keep your fingers crossed that it's just a matter of a little jiggle and a stitch or two and not a whole new replacement or something that requires overnight!

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