Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Can you say naive?

So, the lab calls yesterday. Lisa WBC is up, but her hemoglobin is way low. We need to bring her to hospital in morning for blood transfusion.

Ok...that sounds easy. Need to be in to get her blood screened and typed at 8, it'll take an hour and half to run screening and then she'll have transfusion. Excellent....nice, short day...I should be home by lunch.

Had blood drawn by 8:30 and then we headed upstairs to the chemo/transfusion area. We stopped in the nourishment room on the way and got breakfast...bagel for me, Popsicle for Lisa (what else!) Went into the chemo/transfusion area and asked the nurse if we should take one of the big chairs. She said "yep". When she came by a little later I asked "slow day?". She said, "Oh, no...we're going to be hopping." "Really?" I questioned "Should we not use a big chair then? I thought those were for the patients that are going to be here all day." The nurse smiled and had one of those "you poor sap" looks on her face. "Uh-oh" I said. "You have a long does a transfusion take? I thought we'd be out of here by noon." She just smiled and said " will probably be at least 6 hours....we have to get the blood typed, then get the blood, then hook her up and it's going to depend on how fast and how much blood we give her."

Can you all say "Newbie"... the nurse could.

So it's 10:50 and we're still waiting on the blood. Lisa is playing play-doh with another little girl (that makes this a little easier) and I'm working on my computer. Glad I grabbed my power cord on the way out the door. I didn't bring much else for this "short trip" extra clothes for Lisa, not enough pull-ups, no food, no stroller. It's going to be a long day.

Good thing we got the big chair...I'm going to need a nap!

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