Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Another stay at Motts

Hanging out at Mott's 8th floor family center.

It's great to be three.

Hate to say I told you so, but I did. Lisa spent most of the day yesterday at Motts getting her testing completed. Everything went well and the bone scan, bone marrow biopsy and stent removal are complete. She was a bit groggy on the way home but perked up after dinner and continued to eat non-stop until bedtime.

This morning Mike took her back in to begin the stem cell collection. They got there and attempted to get things started, but they just can't get the blood flowing smoothly enough from her broviach....soooooo....that means they have to put a catheter in her leg to do the collection....that means she will be getting sedated this afternoon to get the catheter put in....that means they will be keeping a close eye on her....that means we spend the night....told you. Ugh!! And of course, I pull short stick...Tuesdays are my nights to spend at hospital..UGHHHHHHH.


Ashley Howley said...

Arts and crafts!?!?!?!? I did that today too!!!!

Love her shirt!!!

Anonymous said...

I love her shirt, does it come in my size?

Since matching outfits seem to be the new craze!

Love ya girly!

Mrs. Lisa

Anonymous said...

Hi McMasters!

Just wanted you to know that I read your blog regularly and keep you in my thoughts. Linda- your hair looks great!!!

Here's the quote of the day from my calendar:

"Hope can keep us from becoming bitter and angry when things are less than perfect. Nurture the soft spot in your heart where hope abides."

Let us know if we can help somehow!

Callie Baylor
(Mary's friend from APHS)