Wednesday, October 19, 2011

We'll take option 2

So after looking closer at additional scans and talking to all the doc teams we've decided that best place of action would be to drain the fluid using an endoscopic third ventriculostomy procedure which involves creating an opening in the third ventricle so that the fluid will hopefully be redirected thru that and then absorbed by the body and relieve the pressure in her brain.  They are also putting in a rickam reservoir which is similar to a port where additional fluid can collect and can be easily drained if needed. This will be another magic "button" in Lisa's body.

Because of her being a chemo kid this was the least intrusive, least exposure to infection than option 3.  Option 1 was ruled out, well, because we just aren't ready to go there yet.  We've got a fighter and we are ready to fight.  She was taken into surgery at about 12:30 and should be out by 3:30.  Mike and I are feeling pretty good about things and are sitting in the cafeteria with Mike's sister, Maureen, my sister, Sam, and the "godfather" Matt.

It just seems like everything is going to be fine. How can it not be?  Lisa is such a good kid, I can't fathom her leaving us now or anytime soon.  Sadly, though, the leaving is what is the unsaid message.  Time is of the are encouraging us to make the most of the time because it's running out.  That's what they say....which of course, we could say that about any of our we are hopeful that Lisa sails out of this and continues to beat the odds.  We know she has done it before, and really how do the docs know when any of our time is up?


CGauthier said...

Prayers coming Lisa's way! Also, prayers for her family and doctors! <3

Diana Romanowski said...

Many, many, many prayers coming your way. Many prayers, hugs, and positive thoughts going out to Lisa. Diana Romanowski