Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Chrissy, the eskimo, Thomas, the black reaper, Maranda, the baby, Lisa, the mouse

Happy Halloween....hope everyone got lots of goodies!  Lisa sure did.  As usual, she digs down and finds her super energy to hit all the houses with lights on from 6;30 - 8:00.  She went as a mouse this year, but perhaps an energizer bunny costume is in her future!

She certainly is an inspiration.  She just has so much energy and love of life.  Radiation doctor said that Friday will be her last session.  We're not quite sure what happened to her needing it for 6 weeks so I will be following up with her primary oncologist soon.  While her head pain is much less, she still complains a bit about it, as well as, leg pains pretty frequently.  If she is done with radiation then we will have to push for them to start chemo drugs again. Sadly, this is not a cancer that can currently be cured; it is one that keeps us on our toes looking and praying for ways to get the most time with this wonderful child.

Have a great night!  Keep the faith and live every day to the fullest:)

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Lynn Zott said...

I'm glad that Lisa the Mouse was able to enjoy Halloween! I'm thinking of you all, and am sending loving, healing energy your way. Take care. xoxo