Tuesday, October 18, 2011

eek!! omg!! PRAY, PRAY, PRAY

After watching Lisa alternate between sleeping and suffering with severe head pain and occasionally throwing up yesterday evening and night, I couldn't take it anymore.  I had arranged to work from home today and after an email an phone call to our nurse decided best course of action to take is bring her to ER.

I got her here at 12:30 and we finally have CT scan results back.  ER doc said premilinary report says:

" there is an area in the back of her brain that has a cyst with something (possibly blood) surrounding it, the cyst could be obstructing and holding cerebral spinal fluid....is definitely something there, not sure what it is...have contacted neurology to investigate further...technical term hydrocephalus ventricle"

PLEASE SEND UP EXTRA PRAYERS....this doesn't sound good..if suspisions are correct, my quick internet search leads me to believe there will be surgery and a shunt involved in very near future.....please let their be an easy fix so we can get on with living our lives!

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