Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Lisa was admitted to hospital tonight

This morning Lisa was very tired and I had a hard time getting her moving.  Once I got her up, she didn't look good and kept laying back down.  I had a bad feeling and started calling around for care.  Luckily, our good friend Bonnie was there to save the day and agreed to watch Lisa.  Just before I packed Lisa in the car, she threw up and walked like she was dizzy. I hurriedly took her temperature, expecting a fever.  It was normal and I took her to Bonnie's and swallowed the guilt of leaving my daughter who was sick with a friend whom I hated to drag into this emotional position.

Mike  picked Lisa up around 3:00 and texted me that she had a sore throat.  I texted him back to keep an eye on her temperature because the chemo she had last week would most likely impact her counts and put her at a bigger risk for fever/infection.  Sure enough at 5:00, her temp spiked.  It came down for a little bit.  I got home from work at 6:30.  Lisa looked like hell. She was so pale and lay prone on the couch.  Mike took her was 101.6.  Mike packed his bag.  Maranda and I traded barf buckets as Lisa began to throw up.  It was so sad. She was so tired, she could barely lift her head.  I was so concerned I was going to drive to the hospital with them, but Lisa's spirit shone thru as she told me she was okay and I could stay home;(

Mike and Lisa headed off to the hospital and the rest of us had a good cry; it's so hard seeing Lisa like this.  Lisa was admitted to the hospital, per protocol...once a chemo kid spikes a temp, they are started on antibiotics and admitted for the night.  It has been very stressful in our household.  I started my new job this week and while I am thoroughly enjoying it, the timing couldn't be worse.  I'm wracked with fear and guilt as Mike juggles his schedule to take care of the household, as well as, be point person for taking Lisa to the hospital.

Please pray that Lisa perks back up and the doctors can help us find a better solution that is not so tough on Lisa's system.  We are not ready for this fight to be over!

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Diana Romanowski said...

Sending up prayers for our little princess & all of you for strength. Diana Romanowski