Thursday, January 29, 2009

huh? English please

Per doc....the test showed Lisa did not have a certain fungus called aspergillus. She also does not have cmv virus infection. There are no tests for other fungus, other viruses, and many bacteria that are called atypical (walking pneumonia it used to be called), so we will give her the antibiotic for walking pneumonia now. She will also probably get the anti-fungal medication during transplant in case it is one of the fungus that we can't test for...

Wow....I wonder how the docs ever learn to spell all those words. So, it turns out that Lisa doesn't have specific fungus/infections they were looking for, but probably has some type of infection, therefore she will be put on a course of antibiotics to clear whatever it was that made the spots show up on her lungs. The odd thing is, she looks and feels great, no sniffles, sore throat, fever...nothing. But, better safe than sorry. Once antibiotics are finished she will have a CT scan of lungs added to list of things to, while we are looking at inpatient treatment soon, I doubt it will be Monday.


Anonymous said...

Out damn spot, out I say!

With smiles,

Anonymous said...

I dont know how they spell it either. Maybe they have a cheat sheet?