Monday, February 2, 2009

Another week off

Things have been a bit normal around here lately. A nice change. The next phase of Lisa's treatment is on hold until we can figure out what the "spots" are in her lungs that showed up on the CT scan.

Bloodwork indicated it was not a fungus called aspergillus nor was it a cmv virus infection. The doc are thinking it is some type of viral or atypical bacterial and there aren't tests for most of those things, so we are treating it with antibiotics. This seems a little odd considering she is pretty dang healthy and running around like a nut. But right now it's our best defense.

She is scheduled for another CT scan 2/9. That will give us time to see if the thing in the lung is getting bigger, staying the same, or shrinking with the meds. Hopefully all will be gone, because if spots are still there the next step will be a surgical biopsy. (UGH!)

So...we wait another week. I'm feeling much more optimistic these days. Seems like we've turned the corner. I'm feeling pretty confident that the spots will be gone and the scan will come up clean and we can continue with the next phase soon.


Anonymous said...

So glad to hear things are looking up. Lets hope the spots go away.

The Kreagers

Anonymous said...

Those spots better get away from Lisa!! I hope all goes well.
With love and prayers,
The Crites'

Anonymous said...

Glad that you have a chance to have a normal week. I hope Lisa continues to feel well and I am praying that the lung issue goes away.

Nicole said...

I'm so glad you had a normal week. Here's to hoping the spots are gone!