Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lisa's chemo treatment has started

Lisa was admitted yesterday and chemo started today....apparently the chemicals are so toxic she will require 4 baths a day for the next 4-5 days. After the chemo is completed she will have a day of rest and will start transplant after. Goal is to be out in 3-4 weeks...keep your fingers crossed.

On a personal note...I don't normally share business updates with you, but this seems to be the quickest way for me to get info out to everyone. Borders had to reduce corporate payroll again in what hopefully is the final phase of job eliminations at the corporate level. 136 corporate positions were eliminated yesterday and today. Fortunately, my job was not eliminated but I have been asked to go part-time. While not an ideal situation for Mike and I financially, it allows me to continue to be employed and make some income. God works in mysterious ways and I'm sure this will work out for the best.

Interestingly enough the quote on my calendar today was "Though we may encounter both calm and rough waters, it is all part of the sea of life". Amen to that!


Amanda said...

BEAT CANCER!Go Lisa!!!!!
praying as always

BookMama said...

Linda, I'm glad your job wasn't completely eliminated - I was wondering about you today. My job was cut, but I anticipated that and am actually staying quite positive about it. I'm trying to make it into an opportunity for a career change (to the world of child passenger safety - what else?! LOL)

Hope everything goes smoothly with Lisa's treatment.

- Andrea S-R

BookMama said...
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Anonymous said...

Sending postiive energy to you all.


Uncle Gerald said...

Prayers continue from Uncle Gerald & Aunt Delphine for all of you.

Anonymous said...

It's hard watching friends and co-workers lose jobs. It's a blessing to be able to stay part time. I hope Lisa's chemo goes well and as always she is in our prayers. Go Lisa, beat cancer girlie princess!!

Anonymous said...

I am alaways crossing my fingers! And part time is better then NO time! And I hope Lisa likes baths! hehe! well I hope everything goes well.
With hope and prayers,
Alisa (acey)