Monday, February 16, 2009

Blip in the radar

Well, the blip in the radar this time is Mike and I. Lisa still has a cough and runny nose which the doctors were okay with. However, Mike is just getting over a fever bug and as I met with Lisa's doc today discussing her symptoms I realized I was running a temp. The decision was made that we should hold off admitting her for a few days to give Mom and Dad time to get back on our feet...the rational being we're not doing her any good if we're not on top of our game.

So, we have a two days to kick this bug. She is scheduled to check in on Wed provide nobody gets any sicker.


BookMama said...

My goodness, you guys just can't get a break, can you? Here's hoping the rest of the week goes as (now) scheduled.

- Andrea S-R

Anonymous said...

Hope you all get well soon. Will keep you all in our prayers.

The Kreagers

Amanda said...

Get well soon

Anonymous said...

Take care Mike and Linda!
Hope you get some rest and feel better asap.

Anonymous said...

Sending thoughts of wellness and chicken soup ;).


Anonymous said...

Awww.. Guys Im so sorry! Take care! GO AWAY FEVER BUG! GO AWAY! WE DONT WANT YOU HERE! Hehe!
With smiles and prayers,
Alisa (acey) :P

Anonymous said...

Holding Lisa'a smile in my heart it is hard to belive she is going through this when you see a smile like that. I am praying for you all during this time.

Love, Kristen Mcintyre