Friday, February 27, 2009

Creamed corn...never again

Lisa hit the wall at about 5:00 this morning....1 hour after crazy Mom decided to go to bed. She had been a bit nauseous thru the night with a few upsets. I was so tuned into my work that I didn't notice the night had turned into the wee hour of the morning. I finally went to bed at 4:00 only to be woken an hour later by Lisa's machine going off. As I silenced the machine, Lisa gave me a look and we both grabbed for the bucket. It looked like creamed corn, it smelled like creamed wasn't creamed corn. Ick, Ick, Ick. I have to say, the kid is a trooper. Multiple trips to the bathroom ensued between 5 am and 9 am with Lisa clearing the pipes both ways. She finally settled down for about an hour and I grabbed a quick shower. At about 10 she was at it again. As she stumbled out of the bathroom butt-naked her doctors came in. As they talked about her progress and symptoms, Lisa planted her face onto the clean diaper on the bed. She laid there for a second and then leaned over into the bucket. She put on quite the show for the docs. It was quite comical as everyone maintained their composure and the docs kept talking and Lisa kept barfing and laying her head on a clean diaper. The Benadryl finally kicked in and she is sleeping now, with her head resting on the clean diaper.

You go girl!


Amanda said...

Hope you get some sleep and that Lisa feels better. Keep fighting!

Anonymous said...

Kudos to you Linda...I know it's not fun for you. We thought of you alot today as our dog and I got sprayed by a skunk and the fumes followed us, we wondered if we or the creamed corn smell were worse? We also just laughed at our situation and said if Lisa can be tough in her situation then we can handle the little bumps in the road. You go many prayers, thougts, and offerings are going your way...stay strong we love you!
Samantha and Jacob

Anonymous said...

STAY STRONG LISA!!!!!! I pray for you everyday. I know you are a fighter you are so strong Lisa.

Love your Zookeeper