Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The pessimist's viewpoint

Mike always puts such a positive spin on's what I'm thinking...."good golly, cut us some slack, I need a vacation in a bad way". I feel like I'm up to my ears and fingers in phone calls and emails.

Mike described the hiccup...bad vaccine....small chance of that happening, but that seems to be a pattern for us recently. So, after phone calls and emails...below are the options the doc outlined for me:

1. Proceed with BMT now (standard approach), do not try vaccine or MIBG treatment

Advantage: no delay
Disadvantage: With aggressive NBL, relapse risk is high

2. Collect stem cells for vaccine generation, proceed with transplant immediately after collection complete
Advantage: gives her a chance to do vaccine trial
Disadvantage: delays BMT in order to do the collection, may still not be able to generate vaccine (although contamination twice is not very likely)

3. Change plans to MIBG based BMT
Advantage: guarantees getting something extra to fight NBL
Disadvantage: MIBG may not be available at this time, not sure if she is eligible for that trial.

Again, this is a very aggressive cancer and there is no known cure that guarantees a long life...but we do what we can.

The positive side as I see it is that we have an awesome team of doctors (that keeps expanding) and they are all working closely with us to make the best decision.

So, as usual, keep the prayers coming!!


Amanda said...

Praying as always!

Anonymous said...

I know that delaays and these thinsg happen for a reason that we can't see yet. My faith in God tells me the lord is working on Lisa's beahlf and that he is in control. I pray that the lord would reveal the best route to and plan for Lisa that will lead to complete healing...Beat cancer,Beat Cancer...That should be made up on a shirt:)...Love, Kristen McIntyre

Anonymous said...

LOL sorry for the bad spelling above my fingers must have had issues:) Kristen McIntyre

Anonymous said...

We're still here thinking and praying as long as Lisa and the rest of you need us!

The Chemotti's

Anonymous said...

Sending good thoughts your way.


Laura said...

~ all my love ~ I think of you all everyday!

Laura Bonhard

Anonymous said...

Praying continually.
Much love,

Anonymous said...

Well I do hope everything goes well.
With hope and prayers always,
Alisa C (acey)