Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mike here with a quick update - Lisa is still doing very well since the last blog entry. Rainbow Connection set us all up with tickets to the Detroit Auto Show on Monday. We were able to enter an hour before it opened to the public which was nice. All the kids enjoyed it and were able to pick out their favorite rides while mom and dad grudgingly evaluated mini vans (not that we plan on buying).

This week Lisa is undergoing and MIBG scan and a PET scan. Those along with the CAT scan last Friday will give her medical team a good view of how she is doing. We anticipate being admitted early next week to begin the next phase which will be very high doses of chemotherapy that will eliminate her ability to fight off any infection. After the chemo she'll receive a bone marrow transplant - her own marrow was harvested last month. My understanding is that that will complete her 'standard' treatment for Neuroblastoma. Once all of her blood counts are back to acceptable levels we expect to enter into a trial phase. The trial we are expecting is a vaccine trial. Here's a link to a interesting article on the subject -


Anonymous said...

Just stoping by to say hello and that I pray that things with Lisa will go according to the plans of God for Lisa because he knows what is best for her. I pray that all her treatmenst will rid Lisa of ever cancer cell in her body....Beat Cancer Beat Cancer!!!

Love,Kristen McIntyre

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the article. Sending everyone positive energy and loving thoughts.


Anonymous said...

I wish you strength and courage as you await these test results. Thanks for keeping all of us posted.

Sarah Rumptz

Anonymous said...

We will continue to keep Lisa and the family in our prayers here in Western Michigan.
God is good!!!!!