Monday, January 12, 2009

No news is GOOD news

This last week went exceedingly was like a breath of fresh air. Lisa was feeling great and went twice to preschool. Her appetite and her energy is up, up, up.

Maranda went for a follow-up with surgeons and they are pleased with how she is doing.

I had the time to pay a surprise visit to Thomas and Christina at school in an attempt to get them on was a nice switch of problems to deal with.

This week hopefully will be another easy one. Lisa isn't scheduled for testing until Friday and then next week there will be scans/tests done daily. After that we should know what protocol we are going to follow and anticipate the pace picking up and the road getting bumpy again.
Our neighbors Scott and Terri, lent us one from their pack for a couple nights. That's Bentley in the picture with Lisa who has been playing with him almost constantly. A welcome distraction to be sure.


Anonymous said...

glad to see her looking so happy. Bet you will have a hard time getting the dog to leave after all of the love he is receiving.

Take care
The Kreagers

Anonymous said...

Loved seeing Lisa and Mike at Gale today and so did everyone else.


Anonymous said...

Love seing Lisa doing so well I pray this will continue for her. I pray that this cancer will be gone and she will nd no more treatmnst I know god is able to heal...
God Bless You All......Love, Kristen Mcintyre