Friday, January 16, 2009

School is closed...are you kidding me? it's a little cold they really have to close school? Kids these myyyyyyy day....

About 15 minutes after giving Maranda a hug goodbye, yelling for Tommy and Chrissy to get up and then racing out of the house this morning with Lisa still in her pjs, I heard on the radio that 422 schools were closed today because of the cold...What?! I called home and sure enough there was cheering in the background.

You've got to be kidding....Lisa and I are off to the hospital and the rest of them are at home doing the no school dance because it's cold outside...really, where is the justice?!

Anyway....Lisa has been having a fabulous last two weeks and I've been living in "pretend" world, hence the lack of blogging going on. It's been nice to just pretend this whole situation is done and over with. The truth is it's not over, we still have a hard fight in front of us, but overall things are good. We've had 2 straight weeks together at home, we're all breathing, eating and functioning.

Today is the first day of the series of tests that will be going on for the next week to determine whether Lisa's cancer is progressing or not, whether treatments have been effective or not and what are next steps. We're pretty used to the test routine (although I still hate it when then put her under anesthesia) and anticipate everything going smoothly. It's the next step that is going to be a big hurdle. Even though we know a little better what to expect, you just don't ever REALLY know....and this next step will most likely be a pretty aggressive one that is really going to knock Lisa on her butt.

Not sure how I feel about all this...while I want to believe that Lisa will be the "one" and have a full's hard to believe that we would be so special that God would allow us to keep her when there are so many other children whose families suffer the same disease and have a dismal outcome. I'm not really sure why we should be any different. So I stuff those thoughts deep down and try to stay in the moment, because as I've said before...none of us really know "when" we are going to be called back. And with Lisa, at least we've been given a heads up and know to appreciate and love every minute we have...worrying about the future and the what-ifs really doesn't get me anything but sad.

So....I sit here and type and wait for them to page me that Lisa is in recovery and I think that life is pretty good...the sun is shining, it's very warm in the room I'm at, and I've got lots of family and friends who care about me...who could ask for more?!

Hope you all have a warm and wonderful day!!

BTW...a big hello to our banker friends at Auburn Hills Comerica....thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

You are right every day is a blessing. I know that god has a plan for each of our lives even before we are born so I know that his plans for lisa's life will succeed. I pray for you all that god will bless and keep you..

Love, Kristen McIntyre

tom said...

You are special to God. After all He entrusted the care of His precious children (all 4 of them) to you and Mike. He has given you strength and love. You have shared not only your faith, but your stories with the rest of us. Never doubt it, you are special and we appreciate you.

Diane Ebeling said...

You've taught me to live in the moment as well and enjoy what life gives me. Lisa and you are always in my thoughts, I am hoping for the best as always.

with my fingers, toes and everything crossed,
Diane E.

Anonymous said...

I am grateful and blessed to have a connection to all of you. Your sharing of lessons is very meaningful.
Lisa is such a good teacher. We have much to learn from her nascent wisdom.
Sending love, warmth, nurturance, healing and positive energy.