Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

Welcome to 2009. A new year for many people means a new start, another chance. For me, it is often a time for reflection, resolutions, goal setting and finding ways to make my life better. As I reflect upon last year I realize that in no way could I have anticipated the challenges I would be up against in 2008, nor would I have believed I could meet these challenges, learn from them and keep going.

One of my weaknesses in life has always been not being able to go with the flow or let go of the control. I like to coordinate, arrange, plan and go, go, go. I like to have a goal, a nice list of to-do's and the ability to check things off my "list" and move on to the next thing.

Cancer has taught me that control is a luxury and not necessary nor helpful in many situations. Cancer has reminded me that life is a daily that cancer never takes a break from....and while it is important for me to keep going, it is also important for me to take breaks...ones that I don't feel guilty about. So as another year evolves, I hope I will come closer to really living my mantra of "live life fully" and that I appreciate each and every moment and recognize what a gift it is instead of just merely "getting through it". all sounds great...unfortunately, the reality is that I had to take an hour break from writing this blog for poop patrol....Lisa is eating a bit more, so that means other things are happening a bit more which means we are cleaning a lot more. Clean-up generally requires a quick bath for her(which is a bit tricky with the temporary line in her thigh that we need to keep dry), rinsing of clothes that were victimized, wiping down bathroom and floor areas with bleach, and than cleaning any areas the older kids tracked thru...ugh. So while I want to appreciate every moment, perhaps there are some that are best forgotten. Maybe I could just focus on appreciating each and every day instead!

Tomorrow it's back to the hospital to have another try at the stem cell collection. Hopefully we can have it done. The daily trips to the hospital are making this feel like another full-time job, not to mention that Lisa really wants the temporary line out because it causes her a lot of discomfort.

Wishing you all the best for the new year...think positive, live each day fully and appreciate life!

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Anonymous said...

I pray the new year brings your family many blessings and healing for Lisa. I pray for her to be cancer free. I think of lisa when i feel a mere cold is such a bother it humbles me to know how blessed our lives are when we feel our lives are hard. Your family is a picture of grace and character. I pray for you all that the new year will be filled with only love,joy and much laughter. God Bless......Love, Kristen McIntyre