Saturday, January 3, 2009

Stem Cell Collection successful

Yeah...they were able to collect the stem cells yesterday. We also had the temp line pulled out. That turned out to be a 3 hour ordeal! The doc pulled the line out with no problem. Lisa screamed, yelled and fussed with no problem. Stopping the bleeding was a problem.

Normally after 20 minutes of pressure, you bandage up the site and your on your way. The nurse applied 20 minutes of pressure and then another 20 minutes of pressure and then another 20 minutes of pressure. Another nurse took the next 20 minute turn. The child life specialist was there helping cleaning up bloody gauzes and keeping Lisa distracted with toys, movies, music, juice....anything she wanted to help keep her calm and lying still. Two of our nursing buddies came it to take a turn at applying pressure. After about an 1 1/2 hrs, the docs decided to give Lisa a plasma transfusion as we continued the pressure. That gave Lisa the push she needed. Once the plasma was finished, things slowed up and we were able to bandage her and go home.

We were warned that IF...which was a big IF, because chances were nothing would happen...but IF Lisa was to start bleeding when we got home that we were to apply pressure and call 911. Really? I thought they were kidding...but apparently the placement of the line was in a major vein and if the bleeding was to start again, we would need medical help to stop it. Wow....thank goodness she didn't start bleeding again.

Today has been awesome. Lisa has gained a lot of her pep back. She'd been a little out of it and was very tired thru the holidays (while that's normal for me, that's not normal for her!) Today she woke me up bright and early and was talking away. She's been up and about. She says her leg doesn't hurt anymore.

She was able to play on the ice with everyone here at the lake. Even after she fell hard, she was able to get up and start giggling. Man, it's so nice to see her so full of energy.

A few weeks ago, we noticed she was getting eyelashes and eyebrows back. Her eyelashes are only about half her normal length, which is still more than I have, and she's started batting them again to get her way. Today I noticed her head look a little shadowy...I do believe it's hair coming back in. Mike has been singing "Ch, Ch, Ch, Chia....Ch, Ch, Ch, Lisa). Even though she'll probably lose all of the hair again with future treatments it's still nice to see.

Next steps will be scans thru the end of January to determine just exactly what treatment will be. While we've done a lot, we are still no where near the end. So we just keep praying and hoping.

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