Monday, September 6, 2010

We made it to TN, in one piece...sort of

Well, we made it. We got off to a bumpy (literally) start. We arrived at the airport, sailed thru security at Detroit Metro and proceeded to the escalator that is right there. Lisa was a few steps ahead of me and assured me she was okay to go alone. I was about four steps behind her dragging the luggage. As I got on the escalator I noticed that she did not have her feet on the platform correctly. Just as I called out her name, the escalator became stairs, her feet slipped off the stairs, and right before my eyes, she tumbled head first half way down the escalator. I was shrieking her name trying to get to her but with the luggage unsteady behind me; I was having a hard time making progress. I was afraid if I moved forward the luggage would tumble over and knock me down or go over her. Somehow she managed to catch herself and straddled askew over three of the stairs. I believe a security guard appeared behind me freeing me of the bags so I could grab her and one man came to the bottom of the escalator to grab Lisa's back pack...not even sure how that came off. It all happened in under a minute I 'm sure, but it seemed like everything was in slow motion. Once we made it down to the bottom, Lisa seemed more panicked than hurt; it could have been from my screaming. Once I gave her a hug and we took some breaths we were able to assure the security guard we were okay and didn't need any medical attention or to file a report. Lisa never even shed a tear. We calmed ourselves and headed towards our gate. We had walked a bit before Lisa told me her leg hurt...she pulled up her pant leg and it was pretty cut up (imagine that). She assured me she could keep going so we continued to walk to the gate. Of course, our gate was all the way at the other end of the terminal, but I was too shook up to go back up and take the tram so we walked the entire way. Lisa, the trooper, tough chick made it the whole way with a smile on her face.
Once we got to the gate, I gave Lisa a thorough once over....OMG! Her one leg was scrapped up with skin hanging, her belly looked like she'd been attacked by a raccoon or a rake and had red lines all over it and the area around her port was scrapped and bleeding. She had one little scrap on her lip, but somehow had managed to save her face from damage. I asked the attendant at the desk for a first aid kit and she said they didn't have any but they could call EMS. I said no, it wasn't that serious, I just wanted some Neosporin and band-aids. She offer me hand sanitizer....hellooooo...that's like rubbing alcohol. I asked a transport person going buy if they had a first aid kit, he said no and made some calls. He informed me that someone would bring them. That someone was the EMS....nice. Apparently they are the only ones in the airport who have Band-Aids. They were very nice and dug into their HUGE medical backpack to get the supplies to clean Lisa up. They were impressed at how composed she was after such a tumble. They asked if we wanted to go the hospital to get checked out. I smiled and said "We are going to the hospital, just as soon as our plane lands in Memphis. Thanks!"
It was pretty horrific and keeps playing thru my mind. The airport seemed so empty at the time and I can remember looking around for help as I was yelling and being surprised at how only a few people stopped, but only one person came over to help. Maybe they couldn't see her on the stairs or something, but all I could think was someone grab her, catch her. I cannot believe how lucky we were....she could have broken her neck...but she didn't, and we made it and we're here and she's fine, happy and ready to go. What a trooper. Go Princess Lisa!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks because she's built "Princess Tough"! Kisses and Hugs to my tough chick. Uncle Matt