Thursday, September 9, 2010

She's eligible for study...we're staying on

Lisa had an afternoon of scans today and while she was under anesthetic, I met with the doctor.  Most of the test results aren't in yet so we won 't know if the disease has grown since the last scans at home, butttttt...she had elevated catecholamines in her urine which is an indicator of Neuroblastoma and enough to qualify her for the study.

We will meet with the doctor tomorrow to get test results back and to look Lisa over one more time.  She will them be admitted as an "inpatient" to the hospital tomorrow night. (We've been outpatient this week and staying in one of their facilities which is pretty much a hotel).  She will start receiving antibody treatment on Saturday morning and will get it for the next four days, they will release her from hospital on day 6 and the doctor will see her on day 7, if she's in good shape we get to go home.  Approximate ETA will be next Friday or Saturday!

We will miss Maranda's birthday on this Saturday so be sure to send her lots of cheer to make up for her mom and sister missing out...she is a real teen this year...13!!

Lisa's teacher sent us some pictures of "Lisa Monkey" who is sitting in Lisa's chair at school why we are gone. Lisa and I are working on putting together some pictures of "Monkey McMaster" to post so everyone can see what we are up to here.  Lisa and Monkey McMaster are part of the "Monkey in my chair" program and they help to keep Lisa and her classmates in touch.

We hope to get out and go someplace tomorrow before we are on lockdown for 4 days, lots of things to see and do, but not an easy way to get to them with no car.  We've been warned that outside of St. Jude's gates, you have to be bad could it be?  We live near Detroit.

So, we will see what tomorrow holds.

Weather here is still 90...I miss home, but not MI weather!

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ssourbeck said...

Thinking about you guys and praying as well.

The Sourbeck family