Saturday, September 11, 2010

Monkey Business

This post is a little out of order because of our rough start this morning.  Lisa is doing better but she is doped up pretty good.  She is still having pain which means tomorrow could be another rough time when they infuse her with the antibody.

Anyway, yesterday was a day of misadventure turned adventure.  We got done with all of our appointments by 1:00 yesterday and wanted to go to the zoo, but both of us were too tired.  We ate lunch and took a nice long nap.  We got up around 4 and decided to give the zoo a try...if we could make it there by 5 we would have an hour to walk around.  We were told we could take the St. Jude shuttle to the Target house where long-term St. Jude patients reside, from there it was supposed to be one "block" to the zoo.  Well, that "one" block was one big, big, big, block which was actually one main road to the next main road and over a 1/2 mile walk.  It was 90 degrees and humid.  After walking for 15 minutes, Lisa and I were both miserable.  We were hot, sweaty and upset.  We decided to turn around and walk back to the shuttle.  We got back to the Target house right as a shuttle was heading back so we were able to jump back on and were thankful for the air conditioning, but bummed out about missing the zoo. The shuttle driver suggested we go check out the Ronald McDonald house which is another place St. Jude's patients stay.  It was a great consolation plan.  They had two play structures, toys, bikes, computers and best of all a pantry full of food for their patients.  Lisa was ecstatic....nothing like some good ole Kraft Mac and Cheese and Hunts pudding cup to put a smile on your face.  Have we mentioned that the cafeteria food we've been eating for dinner is pretty awful?  Besides ice cream, that Kraft Mac and Cheese was the first thing Lisa finished since we got here!  And....the front desk had HOMEMADE chocolate chip cookies, I too was in heaven!!

Below is a video Lisa and I worked on this the other day using new tools on our new laptop.  It's pretty simplistic, but hey we're still's just a little film about Monkey McMaster.  Enjoy:)

(Use the volume button on the video if you can't hear Lisa at the end)


Anonymous said...

LOVE the video! So sorry about the pain, hoping they can keep her comfortable, or at least asleep. Sending you lots of loving, healing energy. XOXO


Diane Ebeling said...

Princess Lisa, That silly Monkey and Sheepy!! I think they wanted to check out the new scenery and have an adventure to tell you about!
I'm hoping the pain stops very soon!! It sounds like there is a battle going on inside your little body, so you just stay strong and keep kicking cancer's booty!!!
We are thinking of you and praying for you every day.

Diane and JuliAnna

Anonymous said...

Oh that monkey can be adventurous! Good that you have such a watchful community and good ideas for tracking monkey.

Sending soothing and calming thoughts to help manage the pain.

Much love,