Sunday, September 5, 2010

Expensed paid trip to St Jude in Memphis, TN

The call didn't come as a total surprise, but the timing was a bit shocking.  We got the call from St. Jude on Friday after 4:30 saying that they had scheduled Lisa to meet with their doctor....on Tuesday!! We fly out on Monday.

The good thing is St Jude covers all the cost...they take care of the airplane flight, housing and food for both Lisa and one parent.  The bad news is that Lisa will miss the first days of school and I will miss out on my 3 other kids starting school.  I know for some parents this is no big deal, but for this Mom, it's heartbreaking.

I'm never really  happy when they start school...I know, I'm crazy....but what can I say, I like having my kids around, having carefree days with no homework and the long days of summer.   School means more work, more schedules, shorter days and winter is coming.  The first day of school is sort of my initiation back into reality.  The first week of school traditionally is for helping them get ready and get their supplies,   learning about their classes and meeting their teachers, getting them adjusted to their new schedules and helping them figure out how to get off on the right foot and make this a good school year for the next 9 lonnnnnnnggggg months until summer.  My not being here is going to be an adjustment for all.

Maranda also quickly assessed that we will miss her birthday next week.  Again, something I've never done!  So feeling a bit guilt ridden and trying to get everything I was planning on doing next week done in two days has made this Labor day weekend one filled with "labor". 

As for Lisa, she looks great and is feeling fine.  She's a little disappointed in missing out on school, but we've been playing up the adventure we are getting ready for and she's game.  This first week at St. Jude will be full of tests and scans to assure she qualifies for the study.  There is some concern that she won't show enough cancer to qualify.  Mike is hoping the scans show nothing meaning Lisa would be in full remission.  Why this sounds nice, the reality is she did have some cancer at last scans and in most cases if there is some, there will be more sooner or if there isn't enough now to treat, there most likely will be more in a few months and at that time the study might be closed or full. 

If Lisa does qualify for the study we will stay on for a second week at St Judes. She will receive an antibody treatment for four days.  You can read more about this study here.  I'm not sure once she is on study if she stays any extra time after the treatments or if we would come home to Motts and let them do follow up.  I do know the treatments are administered every fourth week so we would go back down to St. Judes once a month for the next 3-4 months.

So...I'm off to finish the school shopping, get Maranda early birthday presents, pack, clean house, pay bills, yadayadayada.....please continue to pray...this truly is a situation where God has the best plan.

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Karen said...

Great News and I'll be praying that everything will go well at St. Jude's and with the other kids starting school.