Thursday, September 30, 2010

Perhaps a Sign

This was on the CBS Evening News's the same antibody Lisa is getting, they appear to have a few other drugs mixed in and are using it for newly diagnosed neuroblastoma patients.

Treating Neuroblastoma -

You can read a similar article at  Perhaps this is a sign from God  I've been looking for that we should continue with this treatment...good timing don't ya think!

Lisa had her official first whole day of school today...she made it for the entire  4.5 hours of kindergarten.  We did set up a little rest area with a bean bag chair, blanket and mp3 player.  The teacher said Lisa went there once, rested for a little while and then popped back up and went to the math table.  When they went out for recess, the teacher asked her if she wanted to sit and play with sidewalk chalk.  Lisa said no and with her gimpy little gait headed off towards the playground structure!! You go girl!

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Kimberlee Enright said...

This is definitely a sign!! I watched the clip and it sounded very positive. Still sending lots of prayers your way!!!