Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Making Progress

Monday, Lisa and I went up to the school just as her kindergarten class was getting ready to go home.  She didn't want to be seen by anyone so we slinked thru the school trying to be invisible.  I let her teacher know she was waiting in the the side room.  Her teacher came and gave her a hug.  The teacher also let the kids know Lisa was waiting and made the wise choice of having them line up for dismissal and quietly "parade" past Lisa on their way out.  It was a good way to give everyone a chance to see each other.  Lisa stood with me behind a desk and all the kids waved on their way out.

Tuesday, both Lisa and I went to kindergarten.  It was fun.  We got to go to music and do the math activity before Lisa tired out.  She lasted about two hours.  I have to say, I was having a bit of trouble sitting in the criss-cross applesauce position for too long!  Lisa and I left and she rested for the rest of the day (ok, I took a nap too...kindergarten is hard work!!)

Today was a bit more of a struggle to get her up.  She fought me the whole way to school, but once we were there she fell into the routine.  Her teacher talked with her and they agreed I could go home and come back and pick her up when school was over.  I've been holding my breath ever since I got home waiting for the phone to ring.  I'm not sure if this is harder on me emotionally, or on Lisa physically.  It's a lot to ask of her little body and bless her heart, she tries really, really hard and you can tell by looking at her that she is still tired and aching.

I'm so glad I chose to hold her back in kindergarten.  I can't imagine trying to get her accustomed to a whole new teacher, classroom and routine on her limited schedule! Her teacher, Mrs R. is awesome!!!!! All of you who have been at Hulsing know who I'm talking about.  She is such a caring, accommodating, understanding, gracious, loving teacher.  I can't imagine getting Lisa to go to school without her.  There are a lot of other people at Hulsing looking out for Lisa and to all of you I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  She's a little girl with a big battle and each and every kind gesture you do helps make her fight a little easier.

So, we continue to carry on, because what else can we do.  At this time next week, we will be down at St Jude again.  Lisa will be going thru her scans and we will be getting ready for the second course of antibodies. I'm scared and very anxious.  To see her still having so much pain really makes me question our decision to do this, but the doctors are very convinced it's the best thing for her.  I hope they are right....putting her thru all this pain for nothing would be a tragedy.  I pray that things go smoother this next time and that somehow we all find the strength within to carry on and fight and make the best of this tiresome situation.


Anonymous said...

That's great that she is going back to school now and i am praying for you guys and for Lisa that the antibodies goes well.

-Tina Wheeler

Anonymous said...

I never heard the phase "crisscross applesauce before!" And I agree, sitting like that for a long period of time may be best left for the little ones ;) Your whole clan is in my prayers.