Saturday, September 11, 2010

She is resting

Finally after two doses of morphine and 1 dose of antivan, Lisa is resting.  Thanks to all of those who sent up some prayers.

It was quite the stressful scene.  I contemplated video taping so people could understand, but that just seemed cruel to both the viewer and Lisa.  She would have probably kicked the camera out of my hands.  We were warned that one of the side effects would be pain and the fact that they pre-medicate her with morphine should have been enough's just that it happened so quickly.  They hooked the antibody up to her IV and at the 20 minute mark, she started squirming and stretching her legs and said they hurt, within two minutes she said her neck hurt and she couldn't move her head, within 5 minutes she was screaming that her whole body hurt.  It was awful. 

When the doctor and nurses said she could have "nerve" pain, they said it would be like a case of bad flu or muscle aches.  They also said that the morphine seemed to work nicely with 25 kids whose pain was controllable, number 26 had excruciating pain, I guess Lisa, who is number 27, will go into the excruciating pain group or as she says  "hurts so bad I never want to stop crying" category.  It took about an hour to get her pain under control.  She had two doses of morphine and one of antivan before settling into sleep.  Up to that point she would rest very briefly and then her body would tense, her eyes would bulge open and she would scream.  She was basically out of her mind in pain (I have vague recollection of doing the same thing 13 years ago today when I was in labor with Maranda...but I got an epidural to make it all better!).

She's been sleeping for two hours.  They are monitoring her heart rate, oxygen, blood pressure etc as is protocol when you are on morphine.  The nurse said if she wasn't sleeping she would probably be in pain, she's just knocked out.  I vote we keep her that way.  For the next three days she will get this antibody.  The hope is the pain subsides with each dose, but nobody knows  forsure....guess we will wait and see.

Please keep praying...I cannot even imagine what it feels like to be in Lisa's body right now.

Also...everyone send a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Maranda.  She is 13!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Maranda and i hope the pain goes away for lisa

- Bailey Marco

Anonymous said...

Linda, My heart goes out to all of you. So sorry to hear about Lisa. I am praying that she is pain free and gets some good rest. Happy Birthday to Maranda as well. Lily called and left a voice mail. :)