Sunday, May 9, 2010

Yeah!! Lisa's out of the hospital!!

Lisa's radiation levels were low enough today for her to be released from the hospital.  We still need to exercise caution so that we  minimize radiation exposure to others especially the other kids.  For the next 3-5 days they recommend that we keep a 3 ft radius and take special precautions making sure no one shares food, combs, towels, washcloths.  Lisa's laundry is to be done separately and we need to limit kissing, hugging and sitting next to her.  Not the easiest things to do with a 5 year old, but Lisa is real good about helping us remember the rules and it's just for a few more days. 

Lisa handled the whole experience very well.  Yesterday was the first day that she got upset and started crying she wanted to go home.  Dr. Yanik came in during the first crying jag and asked what was wrong and immediately went to work to come up with a remedy.  Asking for size 7 & 8 surgical gloves he surprised the nurses with his ability to blow one glove up inside another and provide the biggest balloon head Lisa has ever seen.  His prescription worked, she was giggling and playing with the balloon within minutes.

Visits from Aunt Sam, Grandma, Grandpa, Claudia and Aaron helped to make the rest of the day bearable.  Mike was with her last night and after getting chemo today and her radiation levels read, they were released from the hospital.

Maranda is also doing better, she is taking a lot less pain killers,  able to move around with a lot less effort and asking to go shopping. 

Everyone is healthy and we are all back together...that's a Mother's day gift I like!! 

Keep praying, keep hoping and have a wonderful Mother's day.


Anonymous said...

Linda! Have an awesome Mother's Day! PS: A+ for the doctor's quick and fun solution!

Sending my best mom mojo to the McMasters!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful Mother's Day gift!!!!! So glad everyone is home and doing well. What a wonderful doctor. He looks like he is having as much fun with the balloon as Lisa!!!

Take care
THe Kreagers