Thursday, May 13, 2010

Recovery in Progress

Both girls are doing a fine job at getting back on their feet.  Maranda is up and about, complaining she's bored and asking to go shopping every few minutes.  She still tires easily especially when she hears the words homework or chore.

Lisa is getting chemo this week. Between the radiation from last week and the chemo this week they anticipate her counts falling so she won't be able to go near people for a while. She has stem cell infusion next week in an attempt to give her body a boost. She's thrown up twice this week and we anticipate things getting a little worse before they get better. 

Tomorrow, Mike and I (and maybe Lisa) will do a radio interview with Ike Engelbaum on WNZK 690 AM radio to build awareness about neuroblastoma and to promote BLASTnb. Should be on around11:00 a.m.

Tune in and keep praying!

PS...Offer up an extra prayer for Mike's mom, MaryJo.  Two weeks of helping us took its toll on her and she most likely will be admitted to the hospital tonight because of a bad cold that is causing her breathing troubles.  With the close call she had last November, we don't want her taking any chances!! Prayers for MaryJo would be appreciated!!


Anonymous said...

Prayers for all. Take care
THe Kreagers

Anonymous said...

Sending lots of loving, healing energy your way.

Take care,
Lynn Zott

Amanda said...

I love you Lisa! and I think we are able to sell the the suckers at school:D We are meeting with a teahcer Monday to set it up!!