Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday Morning Updates

Saturday went pretty much as planned for this sort of thing from what we're told. Maranda slept most of the day but did manage to get up and walk down that hall 3 different times. Yea! She was disconnected from her IV lines and monitors on Saturday morning. The only thing that remained was the catheter which was pulled this morning, Sunday, just before they wheeled her down for a quick x-ray. She seems to be slightly less uncomfortable and managed a smile or two. Unfortunately none of the smiles were the result of any of my attempts to humor her. So with the catheter pulled the goal today is to walk the around the entire floor, go to the activity room, sit up more, eat a full meal and start getting herself ready to go home as early as Monday afternoon. Lisa, by the way, has been bouncing off the walls. She has been a ball of energy and is doing great. we'll be back here at Mott with her on Tuesday afternoon. She'll go to school in the morning and then head our here to get prepared for her treatment on Wednesday. With a little luck we'll be out of here next weekend. Happy birthday to Grandma Mac. I won't disclose her actual age but FDR was president, Babe Ruth played his last baseball game, the United States Social Security Act passed, Parker Brothers released the board game Monopoly, and the First screening of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was shown. Regardless of what else happened that year, she was given to us and we are grateful. She's had a rough couple years herself but she never complained and has always helped us through this difficult time whenever she could. Today, as with most days when one of our girls is in the hospital, she's at home taking care of the house and the other kids there. Thanks mom you're one of a kind, and a kind one you are.


Anonymous said...

Yeah Maranda!!!

The KReagers

Anonymous said...

Way to get up and at 'em, Maranda!! Hoping your healing process is quick and smooth and that you're back to doing everything you want to be doing very, very soon. Take care, you're amazing.