Saturday, May 29, 2010

Once again...

She's bald......we couldn't take the slow torture any longer. Chunks of hair falling out, flying around, getting in your mouth. Sooooo, Uncle Matt came over Thursday and did the honors. Lisa is TOTALLY fine with it, Mike and I were more melancholy. It's hard to believe that last week she had a head full of beautiful curls... but now that it's done, we just move on.

Both girls are recovering quickly with little problem.  Lisa went to school for an hour on Wed and Thursday and went for the whole day on Friday.  Maranda went for one class on Th, two on Friday and will be going full time starting Tuesday.  Nice to have them back in school so they can start counting down the days until they are done!

ONE WEEK UNTIL THE FUNDRAISER.  Hope all of our readers can make it. If not, donations can be made online or mailed.  Check out the website for more info or to register for events.


Anonymous said...

Yeah to Maranda going back to school!!! Lisa looks adorable as always. Will see you all at the fundraiser!!

Take care
THe Kreagers

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear about quick recoveries. I'm so happy that they get to bac to school before summer begins.

You both have such strengths and your abilities to move on is just another example of your amazing strength.

See you at the fund raiser!

Pam and Rick