Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Lisa is settled in and ready for MIBG

Maranda came home yesterday and has been doing a little better each day.  Still on strong painkillers and still watching tv.  She is doing some walking here and there but she is still pretty tired.

Lisa went to school this morning and then went for chemo as an outpatient in the afternoon.  We finished up with that at about 5:00 and then she was admitted.  We are in the Cardiac Care Center--MIHCR Clinical Research Unit (this is where the specialized room is).

Tonight she had free reign over the place.  It's pretty quiet here and because it is a research unit it's more like a doctor's clinic than a hospital floor. They are very nice and have really been accommodating as Lisa kept asking questions and popping down to the desk to ask just one more question or get one more thing. There is one other patient in tonight and looks to be only one nurse on duty for the evening. 

Tomorrow they will place her catheter early and then they will administer MIBG treatment.  Once she gets the radiation, she will have to stay in her bed until she is no longer "radioactive" about 3 days. 

This will be interesting.  Wonder who will go stir crazy first...Lisa or me?!!

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