Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Our Cancer Warrior

Once again...Lisa's docs are pleased.  Everything is going smoothly.  We were woke up at 6:15am (UGH!!) to go down and get catheter put in.  Besides a little computer trouble and anesthesia having to put in an extra IV because the drugs wouldn't flow things went well.

When we returned to Lisa's room the shields had been put into place, more things had been wrapped in plastic and the preparations were almost complete.  The doc asked to have the extra IV removed, which did not make Lisa happy.  She had been asking for an IV line in her hand and a "pee" bag since she saw Maranda in the hospital a few days ago.  Apparently, my kids like the hospital and all the intrusions in their body, they have figured out they get "special" treatment with these things and they like it... a LOT!

Lisa was given the MIBG radiation at 11:30 and I had to stay out of outer room for two hours because levels were so high.  I went to the lunch room next door to her room and watched tv which I set to same channel as hers.  We talked back and forth (A LOT) on walkie talkies until she fell asleep about an hour later.

Lisa G., our good friend, totally made my day with a surprise visit.  Somehow she managed to maneuver her way thru the buildings and find us tucked away in the basement of the cardiac center.  She kept me company and helped make the day go faster.

Lisa has been asleep for a few hours now and I'm updating the BLASTnb website and blog trying to keep busy.

So far so good, Lisa continues to fight and be a warrior and Mike and I pray for her remission, Maranda's recovery, everyone's health and some sleep!!


Anonymous said...

May you win the war!!! What a cute warrior!!! Wishing you all the best and a fast recovery. Hope Maranda is feeling well.

Take care
THe KReagers

Anonymous said...

And she is still smiling! BLAST!!! love you guys.