Monday, May 17, 2010

Updates, updates, and more updates

This photo was taken on Saturday during Lisa's last scheduled chemo. While at the hospital we met several NFL players, UofM Alumni football players, and Lloyd Carr who were all in town for the annual UofM Alumni Golf Outing. In the photo with Lisa and Tom, is one of the many local hero's at the hospital, nurse Stephanie. It was nice to see all the familiar friendly faces on the 7th floor at Mott.

Today is Monday May 17, and Lisa and Mom are on their way to UofM for stem cell infusion. After two weeks of chemo on top of the MIBG therapy we expect Lisa to experience a period of time of low blood counts. The stem cells will help boost her back to normal levels. These particular stem cells were harvested from Lisa last year. Maybe as long as a year and a half ago. Once that is complete all that we need to do on a regular basis is blood work twice a week at the local clinic. Yea!

Maranda continues to get stronger every day. Hard to believe that it's only been a couple weeks since her surgery. She looks great. Great posture too!

So now our focus turns toward the fundraiser on June 5. There's so much going with this it's really very cool. We've over 100 gift baskets to auction. Each of them have multiple gift cards and prizes. You can see most of the items listed on the web site. There will be seven bands donating their time and talent throughout the day. They are listed on the web site too. There's 30 different games for the kids to play. Additionally there will be planes, helicopters, firetrucks, rescue vehicles, police, motorcycles and other static displays. It's all very exciting. You'll begin to hear about the event on most of the local radio stations and tv news stations. You can help by signing up to volunteer or simply to spread the word. Hope to see you there.

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Anonymous said...

It was so nice to see my favorite princess :) Hope you are all doing well.
Love, Stephanie